Vase ,,Ocean entering the house"

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At our store, we celebrate the craftsmanship and individuality of our handmade glass vases. We encourage you to explore their versatility and think outside the box. These vases have a unique wall thickness and a base which is thinner than usual. Because of that, we recommend that you use these vases for your beautiful flowers. You can still use our granulated wax if you don’t mind a little imperfection.

Let your creativity shine and embrace the uniqueness of your vase. Remember, the choice is yours. Embrace your individuality and let your imagination guide you. Our handmade glass vases are here to inspire you to be unique, different, and to showcase your personal style in the most extraordinary ways.

"As an unstoppable current, as a flood it invades.

Full of life, peace, and certainty.

She fills an empty heart, and the cold house blooms with flowers.

I will surrender to her, I will let her into my heart.

I will accept, because I cannot change anything.Algis Kriščiūnas


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    About vase

    • Glass vase - 20 cm height and 11,5 cm diameter (7,9" height and 4,5" diameter).
    • The Atomra Home glass vase is 100% handmade and have a unique wall and base thickness. Each vase are decorated with an engaging story of the famous artist Algis Kriščiūnas.

    • Innovative direct printing on the glass technology not only allows to cover the glass vase with paintings, but also to feel the enchanting relief of the painting. Duplex printing lets to admire the candle from the outside and the inside.

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