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Brighten up your summer with our beautiful decorated glass candle sets, now at 30% OFF!

  • Pour the sand wax into container and flatten the wax.

  • Insert the wicks, leave max 1 cm or 1/4" out of the wax.

  • Light the candle. One wick lasts about 15 hours.

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ignite creativity in everyday life

Create your own unique candle in just a few minutes and impress your guests with the latest candle trend. Make elegant candles for weddings, parties, spa relaxation, and various DIY projects to create unforgettable experiences. With sand wax, your creativity knows no bounds.

luminous paintings

It's more than candles, it's stories, feelings, memorable moments. It is a flame that not only shines - it creates a unique world revealed in the dark. We hope you will find a little piece of yourself in this magical candle light.