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  • To Minimize Waste as much as possible, We Use plain brown Paper Bags for our candle sand
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Pink Candle Sand Wax in bags


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  • 3,3 lb / 1,5 kg Sand Candle Wax + 30 cotton wicks.
  • 6.6 lb / 3 kg Sand Candle Wax + 60 cotton wicks.
  • 9.92 lb / 4.5 kg Sand Candle Wax + 90 cotton wicks.
  • 20.5 lb / 9.3 kg Sand Candle Wax + 150 cotton wicks.
  • Each wick is 6 cm (2.5 inches) long and will brighten your space for 15 to 20 hours.
  • EXTRA SMALL wicks are the same size as tealight wicks. Perfect for creating small, tealight - sized candles.
  • SMALL wicks: ideal for vases with a diameter of 8 cm / 3 inches and larger.
  • MEDIUM wicks: recommended for vases with a diameter of 10 cm / 4 inches and larger.
  • LARGE wicks: suitable for vases with a diameter of 13 cm / 5 inches and larger.
  • EXTRA LARGE wicks: designed for larger vases, approximately 18 cm / 7 inches and larger.

Please note that the color of the wax may slightly vary in reality due to factors such as lighting and screen settings.

To minimize waste as much as possible, we use reusable and compostable plain brown paper bags for our sand wax.


  • Plant - based wax is a 100% vegetable product.
  • Natural palm wax is odorless, you can always use your favourite candle fragrance at any time.
  • It allows you to create and light multiple candles at once without worrying about any unwanted scents.
  • Natural & clean-burning wax helps you refill and repurpose existing containers into candles to reduce waste.
  • The flame is contained within the vessel, and accidental knocks will cause the wax granules to crumble and extinguish the fire.


Orders over 100 euro - 10% off

Orders over 300 euro - 15% off

Orders over 500 euro - 20% off

Orders over 800 euro - 25% off


  • Package is not suitable for burning candle wax and wick.
  • Pour the wax granules into a glass vase and flatten.
  • Insert the wick in the middle. Leave max 1 cm or 1/4 inch out of the wax and ignite.
  • One wick lasts about 15 - 20 hours
  • To replace the wick or refill the vase with granules, extinguish the candle and wait for the wax to freeze.
  • Pull the wick out with the hardened wax.
  • Insert a new wick into the wax, light it and enjoy your new candle.


  • Do not eat!
  • Keep out of reach of children!

Shipping information

LITHUANIA (1-2 business day)

  • Orders up to 69 EUR - 3 EUR
  • Orders over 69 EUR - FREE

EUROPE (3-6 business day)

Shipping up to 2 kg costs 15 euros, each additional kilogram + 0.40 euro up to 10 kg, over 10 kg each additional kilogram is +2 euros.


Shipping up to 2 kg costs 40 euros.

From 2 kg to 5 kg costs 50 euros.

From 5 kg to 10 kg costs 65 euros.

From 10 kg to 20 kg costs 115 euros.

From 20 kg to 30 kg costs 160 euros.


Shipping up to 2 kg costs 30 euros, from 2 kg to 3 kg +0.50 euro, then each additional kilogram is +1 euro up to 10 kg, over 10 kg each additional kilogram is +2.50 euros.

USA (3-6 business day)

Shipping up to 2 kg costs 20 euros, each additional kilogram is +1 euro up to 10 kg, over 10 kg each additional kilogram is +3 euros.

WORLDWIDE (3-6 business day)

Shipping up to 2 kg costs 35 euros, each additional kilogram +5 euros.