our story

Atomra Home is a family business that emerged from the search for creativity in everyday activities. This is how we created candles that lit the fire of meaning in our everyday life.

Atomra Home was born out of a great desire to show the world that candles have healing power.

We wanted to create a unique product that would delight you for many years. It would be a part of your home and daily ritual. Handmade glass vases were made to our order, and given meaning with the works of Algis Krisčiūnas. Each part of the set is created with love. We have chosen manufacturers for whom it is important to preserve nature while producing the highest quality products.

All parts of the package can be used in the household in order to promote sustainability and ecology. By repeatedly replenishing with granulated wax, the luminous paintings will add coziness, peace and charm to the home. It is a wonderful part of the decor and a palette of your inner feelings.

We invite you to close your eyes and embark on a journey of creativity and self-discovery.

it was the day i first saw it

Something inside me clicked and lit up. I realized that I had finally found the idea of ​​a perfect and long sought-after candles. The ones I would ignite again and again and again.

My candles were technically perfect, but without life. Without the ability to ask or answer. Only a tingling silence and a timid flutter.

And then She came and whispered: I know someone who will teach them to speak. Will teach to ask and listen. They will be able to tell amazing stories. To comfort, to inspire, and even to heal a wounded soul.

Atomra candle is born when a master blows into a mass of molten glass and it takes shape. Just as we are all different, so are these glass vases too. Like us, they are sometimes imperfect. But that's what makes us unique.

After all the travels and endless touch of people’s hands, they stand silently on the shelves. They are waiting to be invited to their home. They are patiently waiting for the moment when you’ll light up the flame inside them.

Then a miracle happens. And you are part of that miracle.You are the last touch they have been waiting for.

You are the one who gave birth to them.

Algis Kriščiūnas

Algis Kriščiūnas is a painter, photographer, illustrator and musician.

His bright, expressive oil and acrylic paintings find place at hearts and interiors of art lovers. Large-format paintings decorate hotels, restaurants and other public spaces.

Since 2011, the artist lives on the island of Fuerteventura (Spain).

"Ascetic nature - black mountains, scarse vegetation and a never-ending wind help me concentrate, listen to myself and discover the deepest hidden feelings."

Algis Kriščiūnas' artworks reveal his existentialist philosophy and humanistic perception of life. The artist’s works are full of personal experiences, anxiety and joy, secret messages and meanings that each viewer will read in person.

More works: krisciunas.com