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Wicks are one of the most important components of a candle. They are tiny, but create an incredible miracle of light and warmth!

Choosing the right wick is necessary when making a candle. One important factor to consider is the diameter of your glass vase or container. Small wicks, being thinner, are ideal for smaller containers as they do not generate enough heat that could cause the wax to melt too quickly. They can generally be used in all diameter containers. On the other hand, medium wicks are thicker and produce more heat, making them suitable for medium diameter containers. Large wicks are the thickest and produce the most heat, making them the right choice for the largest diameter containers. By choosing the appropriate wick for your candle, you can prevent the melted wax from touching the walls of the container and ensure a safe and even burn.

The burning time of one wick is about 15 - 20 hours.

100 pcs. The length of one wick is 6 cm.



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    • Package is not suitable for burning candle wax and wick.
    • Pour the wax granules into a glass vase and flatten.
    • Insert the wick in the middle. Leave max 1 cm out of the wax and ignite.
    • One wick lasts about 15 hours
    • To replace the wick or refill the vase with granules, extinguish the candle and wait for the wax to freeze.
    • Pull the wick out with the hardened wax.
    • Insert a new wick into the wax, light it and enjoy your new candle.


    • Do not eat!
    • Keep out of reach of children!

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