Granulated natural wax candle set ,,Backstage Revealed''

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  • The candle is decorated with a painting by the famous artist Algis Krisčiūnas.
  • The glass vase can be repeatedly filled with granules.
  • Vase height - 20 cm, diameter - 11.5 cm (7.9" height and 4.5" diameter).
  • 100% natural vegetable wax - 750 G / 1.65 LB.
  • Wicks - 20 pcs. The length of one wick is 6 cm.
  • Candle burning time is about 80 hours.

"He seemed invincible to us, made of steel, unbreakable, glorious.
But we didn’t know that behind every superman stood
his greatest weakness and strength - a woman.
" - Algis Kriščiūnas


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    about author

    Algis Kriščiūnas is a painter, photographer, illustrator and musician.

    His bright, expressive oil and acrylic paintings find place at hearts and interiors of art lovers. Large-format paintings decorate hotels, restaurants and other public spaces.

    Since 2011, the artist lives on the island of Fuerteventura (Spain).

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    about vase

    The Atomra Home glass vase is 100% handmade and have a unique wall and base thickness. Each vase are decorated with an engaging story of the famous artist Algis Kriščiūnas.

    Innovative direct printing on the glass technology not only allows to cover the glass vase with paintings, but also to feel the enchanting relief of the painting. Duplex printing lets to admire the candle from the outside and the inside. And the mesmerising flame captivates with the warm glow of a candle that will delight you for many years to come.

    It is goodness, warmth and uniqueness in one.

    We recommend occasionally washing the candle glass vase with warm water or cleaning it with a piece of cloth.

    what’s included in set?

    • Handmade glass vase, natural granulated wax, wicks and card.
    • Glass vase - 20 cm height and 11,5 cm diameter (7,9" height and 4,5" diameter).
    • Candle set contains 750 G / 1.65 LB of wax.
    • Wicks - 20 pcs.
    • Candle burning time is about 80 hours.
    • Natural wax is a 100% vegetable product. It does not contain toxins and genetically modified substances.

    why Atomra candle

    It's more than candles, it's stories, feelings, memorable moments.

    It is a flame that not only shines - it creates a unique world revealed in the dark.

    We hope you will find a little piece of yourself in this magical candle light.

    To discover the true beauty of the candle, fill it with 5 cm (2") of granule wax, insert the wick, light it up and let the journey begin.

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