Atomra Home electric lighter

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Modern electric candle lighter for easy ignition.

Includes: 1 x USB Cable. 

Output Current: 3000mA

Charger Voltage: DC 5V + 0,5 V


  • Light candles with the touch of a button

  • No smoke! 

  • Electric lighter is much safer than matches.

    Shipping information

    LITHUANIA (1-2 business days)

    • orders up to 30 EUR - 3 EUR

    • order over 30 EUR - FREE

    USA & EUROPE (3-6 business days)

    • orders up to 80 EUR - 10 EUR

    • order over 80 EUR - FREE

    WORLDWIDE (3-6 business days)

    • 25 EUR


    • Granule box is not suitable for burning candle wax and wick.

    • Pour the wax granules into a glass vase and flatten.

    • Insert the wick in the middle. Leave max 1 cm out of the wax and ignite.

    • One wick lasts about 15 hours. After burning extinguish the candle and wait for the wax to freeze.

    • Pull the wick out with the hardened wax.

    • Insert the new wick, leave max 1 cm out of the wax.

    • Ignite and enjoy a new candle.



    • Do not eat!

    • Keep out of reach of children!